Nigerian EdTech: 50 Start-ups Market Map

A growing and diverse sector

Nigeria has a bustling EdTech scene, but what is it about the education sector that is drawing so much attention? We decided to map out 50 of the most innovative tech companies to understand more about where founders are focussed.

We found businesses building solutions across 11 different verticals including learning management, home-schooling, fee management and vocational development. Solutions span school-age students to young professionals eager to further develop work-place skills.

Nearly half of the companies that we found are building products in E-Learning or content distribution, a vertical where we expect to see continued growth globally post COVID-19 as more schools and universities move online.

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A hub for EdTech innovation

Last year, in our EdTech market briefing, we found that of the education technology companies that we analysed across the whole of Africa, 28% were in Nigeria. 39% were in South Africa, 8% in Kenya, 4% in Ghana and 4% in Tanzania.

In terms of VC funding, Nigerian EdTech start-ups have raised $3.46m in funding so far this year, with Kepple, TLCom Capital and Itanna amongst the most active VCs in the space.

Leading VC backed EdTech start-ups in Nigeria

Top 5 EdTech Raises in Nigeria in 2020

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This article was first published in September 2020.

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