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In April 2019, Silicon Valley giant Google opened its first Africa based Artificial Intelligence Research Centre in Accra, Ghana with the aim of improving healthcare, agriculture and education.

While this is clearly great news for the region, our research indicates that Artificial Intelligences is already being deployed within a broad spectrum of industries across Africa. We selected 50 companies that are deploying AI-solutions across different African markets and geographies.

Map of 50 African AI Companies in 2020Are we missing anyone?

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Our analysis indicates that African technology companies developing or deploying AI solutions have raised a total of $335.535 million USD to date. Additionally, $25.331 million has been raised in 2020 across 27 deals. This is fantastic news for founders, and also means there have been more deals closed by AI companies in Africa than any previous year.

Artificial Intelligence broadens its appeal?

In a recent report published by PwC, a consultancy, they estimate that by 2030 Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands to add $15.7 trillion USD to global GDP in the form of increased productivity and consumption.

While specific African countries are not singled out in the PwC report, the Rest of World region of which they are a part of stands to benefit to the tune of $1.2 trillion USD. With so much activity happening in the African AI-space, does this play down the role which artificial intelligence could have in rapidly developing economies?

Recent AI Funding Rounds across Africa

List of 5 recent AI investments in 2020

In May our analysts looked into the use of AI in the healthcare sector. We learned that while this is a nascent space – with many deals occurring at the seed and pre-seed stage – it is growing rapidly, and becoming a more attractive space with early-stage investors such as The Baobab NetworkHIMAngel, Ventures Platform and Founders Factory Africa.

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This article was first published in October 2020.

Download our AI 50: Artificial Intelligence in Africa Market Map

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Download our AI 50: Artificial Intelligence in Africa Market Map

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